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Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain

This piece of art, the Trevi Fountain, constitutes historic landmark of Rome and the largest Baroque fountain of the city. Erected on initiative of Pope Clement XII was completed in 1762. The structure has substituted for the former one, designed by Leon Battista. After the open competition, proposal of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, was considered beyond financial capability of Papal Court. There was selected sketch, submitted by Nicola Salvi. Author of the design has never seen the final effect of his work. The statue of Oceanus by Pietro Bracci’s was placed in the main niche, eleven years after Nicolas Salvi death. His project was completed by Giuseppe Pannini who in 1762, added present allegories instead of planned sculptures of Agrippa e Trevia.

Just like Barcaccia in front of Spanish Stairs, the Trevi Fountain is supplied with water by Aqua Virgo, ancient aqueduct found by Agrippa. As the legend holds, the source of water was discovered thanks to Trevi, young girl, who shown the place to thirsty Roman soldiers but we can look for the etymology of its name among more prosaic reasons. Fountain is located in point if convergence of three streets – that in Italian means ‘tre via’

Divine figure of classical antiquity, constitutes the focal point of the structure. Oceanus – personification of see and the river encircling the world, known later as e Styx, separating chthonic world of Hades and living surface of the land. There are tritons on both his sides, mermen, having the upper body of a human and lower of a fish. According to Geek mythology they were equipped with conch shell, on which they blew to calm or to raise the ocean. They guide a see horses, one obedient and one furious, which symbolize fluctuating moods of ocean.

fontana di trevi

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