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Il Colosseum, called as well The Flavian Amphitheater, easily accessible from our place, is one of the most famous monuments all over the word.

It was witness to moments of glory, but as well to the decadence, when served to distract attention of spectators from economic depression, when foretaste of the collapse was brought to the empire by invaders.

The monument was erected between 72 and 80 AD, under emperor Vespasian and his successors, Titus and Domitian, known as Flavian dynasty. The structure, by many is considered one of the greatest works architecture which could hold even 80.000 people.

There are three ancient orders applied in successive stories – Corinthian, Ionic and Tuscan, referring to classical architecture. Inside we can find barrel and groin vaults, widespread later, in the Middle Ages.

In the time of glory, the Amphitheater, was dedicated to staging of naval battles, gladiatorial combats, mock battles representing historical or pseudo-historical themes, as a rule celebrating the victories of Roman emperors.

Within the space of hundreds of years Colosseum entertained thousands of visitors, those who entered to enjoy their time and those who entered to never escape. Plundered by successive generation of its marble, survived up to this days, when we can admire the naked skeleton of emblem of the power of Roman Empire.


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