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Trompe l’oeil – Hidden Jewels of Eternal City

In the churches like Il Gesu end San Ignazio, which rarely appear on a list of touristic attractions, we will find astonishing sample of a technic of art, which using realistic imagery, create optical illusions. Its high quality, causes that borders between real and fake elements of architecture start to be fluid. It happens that observer has a difficult to distinguish between objects which really exist and those which are only painted.

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Altar of the Fatherland

After many, the colossal monument, of white marble, disturbs perception of antic ruins of Roman Empire, seems too pompous and garish.

As a building constitutes fruit of epoch witch used to express its assumptions in symbolic way. Figures on both sides of entrance represent Adriatic and Tyrrhenian See encircling Italy.

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San Pietro

Because of abnormal size of the enterprise, it lasted more than 150 years to give the church its contemporary form. The Basilica of St Pietro is a fruit of massive effort of some generations of the most prominent architects of their epochs. The opus was supported by Michelangelo, author of the dome -the ‘prelude’ of Baroque, which manifests itself in double rhythm of prominent pilasters surrounding the tholobate below. As a representative of Renaissance, he paved the way for new era in architecture. The new movement places emphasis on strong light-and-shadow contrast. Michelangelo reused Bramante’s project, setting the church on the Greek cross plan.

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